Costumers are the only reason of PROVISTA´s existence

PROVISTA´s competitive strategy is focused in satisfying the needs of our costumers.
To be able to achieve this, our business model starts and ends with our costumers in a virtuous cycle that involves: innovation, research and development of new products and processes (I&DT+i), synthesis and manufacturing of the materials and commercialization and sales of the products. 

Benefits of working with PROVISTA: 

  • Specialized technical service
  • Tailor made products
  • Company with more than 30 years experience in product development and manufacturing
  • Sole Mexican silicone manufacturer
  • Product development expertise

PROVISTA has been recognized on numerous occasions by the Government of Mexico, trade organizations, and scientific councils for our entrepreneurial efforts, technological innovation, and longstanding commitment to our customers, partners, and employees.